Please visit the Property Records Electronic Portal (PREP) to calculate fees due for a Land Records submission.. All fees related to a submission must be made payable to the "Westchester County Clerk".Payment of mortgage tax and transfer tax must be made by ACH transfer, certified check, bank check, attorney escrow … NOTE: The Suffolk County Clerk’s Office now requires a Mortgage Verification Fee of $300.00 per document effective January 1, 2017, this fee will apply to all mortgage related documents. Mortgage. Recording charges vary for each county in the state of New York. Satisfaction … Commercial Mortgage . Per Side (Include the front page only of the Suffolk County Clerk Recording and Endorsement Form in the fee calculation.) Disclaimer: Advantage Title Agency, Inc. does not represent or warrant that the information contained in external websites is accurate or … RPT-5217 Filing Fee for all deeds: Residential … $ 20.00: Handling $ 5.00: Commissioner of Education Fee $ 15.00: Cultural Education Fund $ 5.00: Real Estate Transfer Tax Return TP-584: $125.00: Real Property Transfer Report RP-5217 Filing Fee … Satisfaction of Mortgage (+$50.00 per additional mortgage reference) 95. Assignment of Leases and Rents . For deeds with 10 or fewer pages, the fee is $14.50. **All fees listed above subject to county sales tax. Mortgage. UCC Filing Fee . For deeds with 11-30 pages, the fee is $28.50. The County Clerk is responsible for recording and maintaining real property records in Suffolk County. Building Loan Agreement SUFFOLK RECORDING CHARGES ADDITIONAL $200.00 PER EXTRA TAX LOT PER DOCUMENT . 275. For deeds with 31 or more pages, the fee is $48.50. Deed (1-3 family or Condo) Commercial Deed . Deed: $5 per page + $40 recording fee Cover page (counts as first page): $5 Each additional name (over 2): $0.50 Each cross … Use the links below to visit the website for each county to obtain the most current recording charges in New York. $200.00 Lot fee per document being recorded Recording Service Fee: $25.00 per document being recorded. New York - Suffolk County Recorder Information. *For accurate recording fees for all other documents, including deeds, mortgages, assignments, CEMA satisfactions, etc., as county recording fees vary based upon the type of document, number of pages and county of recording, please contact our Recording Department for accurate estimates at (631) 923-1338, or email … Satisfaction of Mortgage. NOTE: Must be printed on legal size (8 1/2 x 14) paper. The Suffolk County Recording and Endorsement Form is available on online. The tax map number of the property must be certified by the Real Property Tax Service Agency prior to the mortgage being accepted for recording.The Mortgage tax is due and payable at the time of recording … Suffolk County in additional to the actual recording of the document they have: $300.00 Mortgage Verification fee per mortgage document being recorded. Recording Fees. There is a clerk fee based on the total number of pages for a deed with or without a plat no larger than 8 1/2" x 14". Vacant Land Deed. RECORDING FEES NYC Nassau Suffolk Other Counties Mortgage 165 825 675 250 Satisfaction 56 711 556 100 Assignment 56 710 561 100 Subordination Agreement 56 710 556 100 satisfaction of mortgage(2 pages) $47.00 satisfaction of mortgage(2 pages) $36.00 ... estimated recording fee charges; richmond county: nassau county: suffolk county: plus $5 for each additional page plus $3 each additional lot plus $5 for each additional page;